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Owner Financing Available on select Homes


    Did you know that 83% of renters would rather own their own home?  If you are one of these renters we have the answer for you.  The current state of lending in this country makes it almost impossible to purchase a home unless one has excellent credit and at least a 20% down payment!  The government now controls over 90% of mortgage financing, up from 35% in 2006.  Financing* in this country is controlled through the Dodd-Frank Act, FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other government agencies.  Without getting into what caused the recession, and how home lending got into such a mess, todays lack of financing options hinder your ability to buy a home. It also makes it difficult for us to provide homes to deserving families like yours. 

    I recently went away for a week, just my little dog Harley and I.  No TV; just time to think and search for a solution to this major issue facing the both of us.  You want to buy and I want to sell, there had to be a way.  The first morning when  I opened my computer, I found an e-mail from Mitch Stephen.  I had never heard of this investor from Texas, but what he had to say was just what I needed to hear.  See, back in the 90s and early 2000s, I bought about 100 mobile homes; and made them available to local families with owner financing.  At the time banks would not finance used mobile homes; I can only imagine this is even worse now.   I was able to fill the financing need, with affordable payments and low down payments.  For example, we ensured that the mobile home payment, along with the park rent, was no more the a comparable apartment rent. 

    Mitch showed me that this could be done with homes just as easily.  One main issue in my mind had to be overcome, the payment after adding property taxes and insurance should not be substantially more than the property rent. 

    We can now provide affordable "Owner Financing" with payments equal to or slightly above the monthly rent on a number of homes we offer.  Your credit may be flawed, job history too short. we can help!  Call us to discuss your needs and desires.  We can offer you 2 years of owner financing, affordable monthly payments based at 10% interest, 10% down payments, and NO BANKS.

       Robert  McNeely          

Owner Finance Example*:
Price: $239,900
Down Payment: $23,990
Payments: 24 Mo. at 10% interest $1895
Insurance: $150 Mo. Approx.
Property Tax: $300 Mo. Approx.
Total Payment: $2345
Approx. Payment after Refinance:
$1870 for 30 Yr. @ 7% interest, includes tax & insurance at current rates.

* Nothing herein is to be construed as an offer of owner financing. All offers, negotiations, and discussion of terms of any financing must be made by a licensed residential mortgage loan originator or attorney. Examples are for illustrative or informational purposes only. Actual terms of financing may vary.

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